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Friday, October 21, 2011

Day One - Monk Class Information

- New playable race that can be Alliance or Horde.
- At level 10 you will choose your character's faction.

- Gourmand - Cooking skill increased by 15.
- Bouncy - You take 50% less falling damage.
- Epicurean - Increase the stat benefits from food by 100%
- Inner Peace - Your rested experience bonus lasts twice as long.
- Quaking Palm - You touch a secret pressure point on an enemy target, putting it to sleep for 3 sec.

Monk Class:
- Tank Specialization: Brewmaster
- Melee Specialization: Windwalker
- Healing Specialization: Mistweaver
- Monks is NOT a hero class and will start at level 1.
- Monks can be any race except Goblin and Worgen.
- Monks will have special animations and stances for each specialization.

Monk Equipment:
- Leather Armor (Agility or Intellect)
- They will mostly attack with hands and feet.
- Weapons will also be needed for some finishers.
- Will also be able to use 1h Axes, Maces, and Swords.
- Healers will use off-hand weapons rather than shields.

Monk Resources:
- No auto attack! Devs want Monks to have a street fighter feel.
- Chi (energy) slowly generates and is only used to for the Jab and Roll abilities.
- Jab will generate Light and Dark force used for other abilities. Some finishing moves will require light and others will require dark.


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