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About Me

Welcome to Channeling the Mists, a blog created to discuss healing from a Mistweaver Monk perspective.

I am a WoW gamer, lifetime healer, theory-crafting extraordinaire, and future Pandaren Mistweaver Monk named Secretbrew. I have been a dedicated lover of healing in World of Warcraft since the very first time I cast rejuvenation on my Resto Druid. My current main is Tree, a Troll Druid on Illidan, though I used to play on a different Druid character named Twigster on Illidan. I also am the Guild Master of the raiding guild Hero. When I am not raiding I am playing one of my many alt characters (I have every class at 85) or enjoying good science fiction like Torchwood and Dr. Who.

My career in World of Warcraft has spanned many different facets and game play styles all the way from casual raiding in The Burning Crusade to a world 1st Lich King kill with Blood Legion in Wrath of the Lich King.

I started my adventures in the game in World of Warcraft during The Burning Crusade as an Affliction Warlock. While I enjoyed the complexity of Affliction DPS, I always felt like I didn't have my fingers on the pulse of the raid. Wanting to be a bigger part of the raid group and have more control over our ability to progress through a raid instance I switched to a Resto Druid during the beginning of the Ulduar content patch in Wrath of the Lich King. Now, with the upcoming release of the Mists of Pandaria I am ready to take on a brand new adventure as a Mistweaver Monk.

Channeling the Mists was created as soon as the new Monk class was announced as a way for me to use my healing and theory crafting experience in the world of Azeroth to bring updates, strategies, and valuable discussion on this new class to a wide audience consisting of a variety of players at all levels. This blog will focus mainly on the Mistweaver healing specialization but will also include what I am sure will be my many misadventures in the Brewmaster and Windwalker roles.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you enjoy my take on what the Monk class has to offer in Mists of Pandaria and beyond. If you have any questions or would like to submit feedback on this blog, you can reach me via the Twitter and E-mail links on the right.